Headquarters Team

Dennis Dauenhauer
408.225.4314 ext.201
Dale Dauenhauer
Vice President of Opperations
Responsible for product manufacturing.
408.225.4314 ext.206
Markus Schwan
General Manager of All Sensors GmbH
Responsible for All Sensors GmbH business operations
+49 8142 444 5167
Jim Brownell
Sales Manager
Responsible for Western US and European sales.
408.225.4314 ext.205
Mark DeJarnette
Sales Manager
Responsible for South Eastern US and Asia sales.
408.225.4314 ext. 209
408.307.9021 Direct Line
Jim McNeil
Sales Manager
Responsible for North Eastern US and Eastern Canada.
21 Cocasset Street Foxboro, MA 02035
508.498.0643 Direct Line
Stan Jackson
Industrial Product Sales
Responsible for industrial sensor sales.

512.968.0008 Direct Line
Crystal Motley
Customer Service Representative
Responsible for customer service for new and existing customers.
408.225.4314 ext.215
Delly Paiva
Sales Admin
408.225.4314 ext.225
Dan DeFalco
Marketing Manager
Responsible for marketing activities of the company.
408.225.4314 ext.216
Han Mai
Marketing Coordinator
Responsible for day to day marketing implementation
408.225.4314 ext.217
Danny Bautista
Director, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs
Responsible for quality assurance and regulatory affairs.
408.225.4314 ext.218
Jason Paiva
Buyer and Document Control Specialist
Responsible for purchasing and document control activities.
408.225.4314 ext.224
Serena Lertkantitham
Quality Engineer
Responsible for RMA and Quality Management System activities.
408.225.4314 x221
Tim Shotter
Director of New Product Development
Responsible for new product design and development.
408.225.4314 ext.204
Joe Curren
Senior Development Engineer
Responsible for product development.
408.225.4314 ext.219
Usman Bhatti
Project Engineer
Responsible for project engineering and application assistance.
408.225.4314 ext.210
Ted Romero
Senior Development/Project Engineer
Responsible for sustaining the All Sensors product line.
408.225.4314 ext. 222
Vincent Nguyen
Production Engineer
Responsible for facilities, periodic maintenance and calibration.
408.225.4314 ext.211
Sophia Shih
Software & Computer Systems Engineer
Responsible for all computer-related issues of the company.
408.225.4314 ext.202
Stephen Johnson
Product Engineer
Responsible for production process.
408.225.4314 ext.220
Joyce Lee
Accounting & Human Resource Manager
Responsible for all accounting and personnel activities.
408.225.4314 ext. 214
Katie Dauenhauer
Production Planning
Responsible for production planning.
408.225.4314 ext.203
Neomie Holguin
Quality Inspector
Responsible for in-process and incoming quality.
408.225.4314 ext.212
Nigel Price
Shipping and Receiving Administrator
Responsible for shipping and receiving activities.
408.225.4314 ext.213
Alissa Montes
Administrative Assistant
408.225.4314 ext.200
Gabriela De La Torre
Administrative Assistant
408.225.4314 ext.208