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New Analog & Digital Pressure Sensors
February 2020

All Sensors Corporation of Morgan Hill, California has announced a new series of analog and digital pressure sensors: the ELV Series, which is intended for OEM customers who require high stability, ultra low and low pressure ranges, and ability to customize calibrations and pressure ranges from a proven world class supplier. Features include pin for pin compatibility with alternate suppliers. The series offers pressure ranges from as low as 0.5 inH2O and up to 150 PSI, including millibar calibrations from 2.5 mbar to 10 bar.


The ELV Analog and Digital Pressure Sensor series consists of four new product families: ELVH, ELVI, ELVE, and ELVA. The ELV series incorporates All Sensors’ proprietary Ultra Low Pressure CoBeam2™ Technology. This innovative sensing element technology offers best in class, ultra low pressure sensing which provides superior stability and total performance.


Product highlights include an I2C or SPI interface as well as amplified analog output and 12- or 14-bit resolution, based on product family. Multiple miniature SIP and DIP package options allows for flexible and space-saving PCB-assembly. The ELV series pressure sensors are intended for use with non-corrosive, non-ionic gases, such as air and other dry gases. A protective Parylene coating is optionally available for moisture/harsh media protection for pressure ranges starting at ±10 inH2O (±25 mbar) and above.

Product Features

  • PC Board Mountable Miniature Package with SIP, DIP thru-hole, and SMT Lead Configurations
  • Custom Package Configurations, Pressure Ranges, and Calibrations Available Upon Request
  • Optional Parylene Protective Coating for Added Media Isolation Protection

Electrical Features

  • Pin for Pin Compatibility with Alternate Suppliers
  • Amplified Analog and Digital Outputs
  • Digital I2C and SPI Interfaces, and 14-Bit and 12-Bit Digital Resolution Capabilities
  • 3V, 3.3V, and 5V Supply Voltage Options

Ideal applications for these devices include: HVAC; Instrumentation; Medical Devices; and Pneumatic, Environmental, and Industrial Controls.

Contact factory for price. Samples are available for product testing.

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