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Analog & Digital Pressure Sensors
April 2018

All Sensors Corporation of Morgan Hill, California has announced a new line of digital pressure sensors: the ELVR Series.  The new device series offers OEM customers increased design flexibility for pressure ranges from 2.5 to 75 mbar (1 to 30 inch H2O).

Product highlights include an I2C or SPI interface, an analog 0.5 to 4.5V output signal, and significantly reduced position sensitivity. All Sensors’ CoBeam2 ™ Technology allows for greater sensitivity while reducing package stress. The ELVR sensors can communicate directly with microcontrollers, eliminating the need for additional A/D converters. ELVR available at 3V and 5V supply voltage. the ELVR series is well suited for portable applications. A wide range of miniature SIP and DIP package options allows for flexible and space-saving PCB-mounting. Devices are available in bidirectional and unidirectional 2.5, 12.5, 25, 50, and 75 mbar pressure ranges.(inches of water)

An HCLA Cross-Reference table is available.

Product Features
·Miniature package with SIP, DIP and SMT lead configurations
·PC board mountable package
·Multiple port and lead configurations available

Electrical Features
·Digital I2C , SPI interface and analog output
·12 Bit digital resolution and higher available upon request
·Offered at 3 and 5V supply voltages. High Speed (cycle time 0.25 ms typ. and response time 0.5 ms typ.)
·All Sensors’ proprietary low pressure CoBeam2 TM Technology die
Custom pressure range and calibration outputs available upon request

Ideal applications for this device include: medical devices, pneumatic controls, instrumentation, environmental controls, HVAC, and industrial controls.



Contact factory for price. Samples are available for product testing.


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Contact Information:
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