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Pressure Sensor Evaluation Kit for Design Engineers

September 2015


All Sensors Corporation of Morgan Hill, California has developed a NEW Pressure Sensor Evaluation Kit. When design engineers are tasked with developing an application involving pressure measurement, evaluating a pressure component solution can be confusing and time consuming. To help streamline this process, All Sensors has developed an Evaluation Kit that allows design engineers to easily evaluate pressure sensors! This Evaluation Kit allows fast prototype connection and testing. This functionality helps narrow down the range of potential pressure solutions that will most likely provide an optimal pressure sensing solution, saving valuable development time. All Sensors’ Evaluation Kit is compatible with all current All Sensors devices.


The Evaluation kit provides the following features:

  • Easy testing of Analog and Digital sensors
    • ZIF socket allows instant electrical connection
  •  Real-time display of data from Digital parts in convenient units
    • Choice of 12 units of measurement
  • Capture data from Digital parts to CSV text file
    • Includes sample index and timestamp
    • Includes sample rates from 0.5 msec to 120 minutes
  • Uses standard Windows in-box USB drivers
    • No separate download or CD needed
  • Standard terminals for Lab test equipment
    • Dual 4mm ‘banana’ binding posts


Contact factory for price. Samples are available for product testing.

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Contact Information:
Han Mai
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