Blood Pressure Special

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This data sheet describes two package configuration of pressure sensors for use in non invasive blood pressure maeasurement.
The output voltager is ratiometric to the supply voltage and is offered in either millivolt or amplified output configuration.

  • Features

    • Temperature Compensated
    • Calibrated Zero and Span
  • Applications

    • Non-invasive Blood Pressure

equivalent Circuit

Pressure Sensor Maximum Ratings

Supply Supply Voltage VS

see below

Proof Pressure

1500 mmHg

Lead Temperature (soldering 2-4 sec.)


Environmental Specification


10 to 50°C


-25 to 85°C


-40 to 125°C

Humidity Limits

0 to 95% RH (non condensing)

Available Package

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Pressure Range Differential Absolute Gauge
300 mmhg BP01-D-MV -- BP01-G-4V-MINI