CPA 502 Series

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The CPA 502 Series features a ceramic pressure sensor with piezoresistive technology and flush diaphragm design. Product highlights include excellent chemical resistance and easy assembly into application specific packages.


Using thick-film technology, the measuring bridge is printed directly onto one side of the ceramic flush diaphragm. The structure-free backside can be directly exposed to the medium to be measured. Due to a high resistance to chemicals, additional protection is not necessary. On the basis of solid construction, these sensors are mostly unaffected by clamping effects after mounting. As a result, OEM customers can easily install them in different housings. The ceramic sensor has been specially designed for pasty, polluted, and aggressive media.

  • Features

    • 7.5 to 750 PSI Gauge, Absolute
    • 1500 to 9000 PSI Sealed Gauge
    • Easy mounting
    • Vacuum resistant
    • Supply voltage 4.5 to 5.5 V
    • Ratiometric
    • Total error better than 0.4% FS
  • Applications

    • Hydraulics
    • Plant and Mechanical Engineering
    • Automotive
    • Marine Shipbuilding
    • Environmental Controls

equivalent Circuit

Pressure Sensor Maximum Ratings

Supply Voltage Vs

4.5 to 5.5 V

Environmental Specification

Operating Temperature Ranges

-40 to 85°C

Storage Temperature Range

-40 to 100°C

Compensated Temperature Range

0 to 85°C

Available Package

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