CPM 502 Series

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The CPM 502 Series offers a ceramic, media isolated pressure sensor with piezoresistive technology and flush diaphragm design. Product highlights include excellent chemical resistance and easy assembly into application specific packages. Using thick-film technology, the measuring bridge is printed directly onto one side of the ceramic diaphragm. The structure free backside can be directly exposed to the medium to be measured. Due to a high resistance to chemicals, additional protection is not necessary. On the basis of solid construction, these sensors are mostly unaffected by clamping effects after mounting, and therefore OEM customers can easily install them in different housings. The ceramic sensor has been especially designed for pasty, polluted, or aggressive media.

  • Features

    • 7.5 to 750 PSI gauge, absolute 1500 to 9000 PSI sealed gauge
    • Easy mounting
    • Vacuum resistant
    • Supply voltage 2 to 30 VDC
    • Ratiometric
    • Total error better than 0.4% FS
  • Applications

    • Medical Devices
    • Environmental Controls
    • Plant and Mechanical Engineering
    • Automotive

equivalent Circuit

Pressure Sensor Maximum Ratings

Supply Voltage Vs

2 to 30 V DC stabilized (Imax. = 4mA)

Environmental Specification

Temperature Ranges

-40 to 135°C

Storage Temperature Range

-50 to 150°C

Compensated Temperature Range

0 to 85°C

Available Package

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