DLC Series

The DLC Series Compact High Resolution Sensor is based on All Sensors’ CoBeam2 TM Technology. This reduces package stress susceptibility, resulting in improved overall long term stability. This technology breakthrough advances the state of the art for piezoresistive pressure sensors beyond what has been achieved for low pressure sensing using silicon based strain technology.


The low supply voltage allows for integration of the sensors into a wide range of process control and measurement systems, as well as direct connection to I2C serial communications channels. The DLC series offers 16 bit digital resolution. The digital interface options ease integration of the sensors into a wide range of process control and measurement systems, allowing direct connection to serial communications channels. For battery-powered systems, the sensors can enter very low-power modes between readings to minimize load on the power supply.


These calibrated and compensated sensors provide accurate, stable output over a wide temperature range. This series is intended for use with non-corrosive, non-ionic working fluids such as air and dry gases.


[Please refer to datasheet for package electrical specifications]

  • Features

    • 1 inH2O to 150 PSI Pressure Ranges
    • 1.8 to 3.6V Supply Voltage
    • Digital I2C Interface
    • High Resolution 16 Bit Output
    • Compact Package sizes starting from 7mm x 7mm
  • Applications

    • Medical Breathing
    • Industrial Controls
    • HVAC
    • Environmental Controls
    • Portable / Hand-Held Equipment

equivalent Circuit

Pressure Sensor Maximum Ratings

Supply Voltage (Vs)

3.63 Vdc

Common Mode Pressure

10 psig

Environmental Specification

Temperature Ranges


- Compensated

-20 to 85°C

- Operating

-40 to 85°C

- Storage

-40 to 125°C

Humidity Limits (non condensing)

0 to 95% RH

Available Package

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Pressure Range Differential Absolute Gauge
1 inH2O DLC-L01D -- DLC-L01G
2 inH2O DLC-L02D -- DLC-L02G
5 inH2O DLC-L05D -- DLC-L05G
10 inH2O DLC-L10D -- DLC-L10G
20 inH2O DLC-L20D -- DLC-L20G
30 inH2O DLC-L30D -- DLC-L30G
60 inH2O DLC-L60D -- DLV-060G
5 psi DLC-005D -- DLC-005G
15 psi DLC-015D -- DLC-015G
30 psi DLC-030D -- DLC-030G
100 psi DLC-100D -- DLC-100G
150 psi DLC-150D -- DLC-150G

DLC-L10G Performance Characteristics

Output Span (FSS) [U2 Package] - 0.4 * 2^24 - Dec Counts 1
Output Span (FSS) [All Other Packages] - 0.8 * 2^24 - Dec Counts 1
Offset Output @ Zero Diff. Pressure (Osdig) [U2 Package] - 0.5 * 2^24 - Dec Counts -
Offset Output @ Zero Diff. Pressure (Osdig) [All Other Packages] - 0.1 * 2^24 - Dec Counts -
Total Error Band - - ±1.25 %FSS 2
Pressure Digital Resolution - No Missing Codes (16-bit Option) 15.3 15.5 - bit -
Temperature Output - Resolution - 16 - bit -
Temperature Output - Overall Accuracy - 2 - °C -
Supply Current Requirement - During Active State (ICCactive) - 2.0 2.5 mA 3, 4, 5
Supply Current Requirement - During Idle State (ICCidle) - 100 250 nA 3, 4, 5
Power On Delay - - 2.5 ms 3
Data Update time (tDU) - (see datasheet for table) - ms 3, 4

Standard Pressure Range

Operating Range

0 to 10 inH2O

Proof Pressure

200 inH2O

Burst Pressure

300 inH2O

Specification notes

NOTE 1: The Span is the algebraic difference between full scale decimal counts and the offset decimal counts. The full scale pressure is the maximum positive calibrated pressure.


NOTE 2: Total Error Band consists of offset and span temperature and calibration errors, linearity, and pressure hysteresis errors, offset warm-up shift, offset position sensitivity, and long term offset drift errors.


NOTE 3: Parameter is characterized and not 100% tested.


NOTE 4: Data update time is exclusive of communications, from command received to end of busy status. This can be observed as EOC pin low-state duration.


NOTE 5: Average current can be estimated as: ICCIdle + ((tDU / Reading Interval) * ICCActive.) Refer to Figure 2 for active and idle conditions of the sensor (the active state is while EOC pin is low).


NOTE 6: The sensor is calibrated with a 3.3V supply; however, an internal regulator allows a supply voltage of 1.68V to 3.6V to be used without affecting the overall specifications. This allows direct operation from a battery supply.


NOTE 7: Calibrated with continuous reads.